Because when you know your why, you walk with purpose.

Working a summer with WinShape Camps will move you closer to discovering the why of your life. Through living in community, practicing new skills, taking risks, and living out your faith, you’ll learn more about God and His call for your life. Applications for Summer 2019 open in August. Sign up below to receive a reminder when it opens!

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A summer of eternal significance.

As college students today, there’s a lot of pressure to know what we’re going to do with our lives.

It seems everyone wants to know, what’s your major? What career will you pursue? What’s next? As Summer Staff, you’ll use your unique gifts and talents to create a summer with eternal significance. You will share the good news of Christ with campers, many of whom have never before heard the gospel. You will see the Spirit work in the hearts of your students, and watch as they go from darkness to light.

Get Paid While Making a Difference!

We understand the desire to spend your summer experiencing new things while also having a great time. We realize this can be hard to justify when you need to be working. This is why WinShape Camps offers Summer Staff salaries starting at $300/week while also covering food, housing, and travel.

When we know our why, it gives our lives a greater sense of focus and direction. It gives our what more impact.

Rarely do we stop and ask ourselves, why? Why should I dedicate my life to this? Why did God give me this particular passion? Why does it all matter? At camp, you’ll receive real life experience in communicating effectively, event management, childcare, time management and so much more. A summer at WinShape Camps will give you focus and direction for the future.

Be equipped for your life.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than doing what I love and doing it with a purpose.”

- Sara

- Sara

- Jimmy

- Adam

- Natasha

Where you build relationships that last a lifetime.

Camps are filled with college students—just like yourself—becoming deeply rooted in community with each other.

Winshape Camps

Day Camps

WinShape Camps for Communities offers week long day camp experiences in over 95 cities across the country. Spend your summer traveling with a team of 25+ college students to different cities, or plant your roots just north of Atlanta as a part of our stationary day camp. Day camps offer an "eight-to-five" camp experience for elementary to middle-school-aged kids where our Team Time Leaders (counselors) teach a small group, as well as skills like Flag Football or Wacky Science. When the day is done, grab dinner with the team before heading back to your hotel or dorm to sleep.

Overnight Camps

WinShape Camps for Boys and WinShape Camps for Girls offer one-week and two-week overnight camp experiences for 1st-12th graders. There are 5 different locations across north Georgia. Summer Staff teach skills like Crafts, Basketball, Digital Photography or Mountain Biking, as well as small group devotions. During each session, Counselors spend day and night pouring into a small group of campers while also getting some free time throughout the week.

It takes a lot to make camp happen!

Are you a Musician? Photographer? Actor? Lacrosse player? We need them all. No matter what your passion is, we have a place for you to serve and make an impact on campers this summer. Not only do you get to do what you’re passionate about, but you get the opportunity to teach it to others!

Where you use your talents and passions to do amazing things.

Application Opens in August

Do you enjoy adventure? Are you passionate about producing excellence? Are you looking for ways to be equipped for whatever God has called you to? Are you passionate about impacting the next generation? WinShape Camps is the place for you! Applications open in August!

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