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On this page you’ll be able to access any and all information that can best set you up for success with working for WinShape Camps for Communities this summer. Access our Packing List, Appearance Guidelines, Skill playbooks, Mock Skill videos, and more!
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Learn the Lingo!

Team Time

The small-group elements at WinShape Camps for Communities are referred to as Team Time. In the Team Time Leader role, Summer Staff lead a specific group of campers each day as they check into camp, experience Rec activities, Team Time moments, Worship, and as they navigate their way around camp.

Motion Videos

Check out the motion videos for the songs that will be sung during worship this summer and get ready to dance with your campers!

Packing List

What to bring to camp

Want to know what to bring on the road with you? We've got a list just for you!


Dress the part!

What to wear

To guarantee an awesome camp experience, WinShape Camps has a variety of policies in play to keep all staff and campers safe each summer. Click here to check out how to follow our Appearance Guidelines as a Summer Staffer!


Teach A Skill

Learn the role!

Be a part of creating a next-level day camp experience through the use of Skills! Find the Skill you're teaching this summer and access all the info on what the skill is, the activities you'll be able to lead, and the Scripture you'll be diving into with campers this summer.


See How It's Done

Mock Skills & Team Times

Want to see an example of how a Team Time is lead? Or maybe even how our Skills are ran? Check this page out.

"You get a renewed perspective every single week... you get to link arms with people in a way that is so unique. There's nothing quite like it."
Antonio Del Sesto
"Day Camps provides an opportunity for you to work alongside a team that is all about growing together and serving others. You get to experience new places and a freedom that is so special."
Tatianna Grodecky