WinShape ON Summer Staff

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All-Team Roles:

Everyone may serve in other areas in addition to their role, including:
- Camper Box fulfillment
- Warehouse and inventory management
- Stage Hands
- Actors/Actresses
- Office Work

Production Tech Roles:

- Serve on the Production Team (led by Peter Streiff)
- Help produce 3-6 ~30 minute Junior camp live shows per day
- Help produce 1 ~60 minute Senior Camp show per week
- May be assigned to: cameras, graphics, tele-prompters, audio, etc.

Force Leader Roles:

- Supervise 6-10 Junior Camp counselors
- Evaluate Small Group devos and give Performance Reviews to counselors
- Assist Full Time Staff Specialists in planning social + worship events for summer staff
- Fill in as a Counselor for small group when needed
- Report To: Trey Northrup & Emily Bryan

Force Player Roles:

- Participate in on-screen, high energy force challenges every day
- Setup and tear down force challenges
- Help brainstorm new challenges and improve the Force Challenge element
- Report To: Noah Blalock & Kolby Watt

Force Challenge Assistant Roles:

- Work alongside the activities team to produce the Force Challenge every day
- Setup and teardown Force Challenge equipment
- Ensure inventory for Force Challenges is ordered and prepped well
- Help brainstorm new challenges and improve the Force Challenge element
- Report To: Noah Blalock & Kolby Watt

JR Camp Counselor Roles:

- Lead 4 small group Bible studies a day for 10-15 campers each
- Small groups will be age-specific but likely mixed gender
- Small groups follow a communicator moment and use Life Giver content
- Report To: Trey Northrup & Emily Bryan

Chelsea Fenn
WinShape ON Project Coordinator
Travis Hawkins
Creative Team Lead
Mark Ellison
Logistics Team Lead
Bryant Malone
Branding & Digital Experience Lead
Alison Rice
Creative Coordinator
Trey Northrop
Summer Camper Care Specialist
Emily Bryan
Summer Camper Care Specialist
Tyler Nowicki
Live Events Lead
Kolby Watt
Activities Lead
Christa Von Borstel
Worship Lead Coordinator
Payton Gibbons
SR Camp Lead
Jimmy Simpson
Curriculum Leader
Heather Wertherington
Art Director
Madison Jackson
Campus Logistics Lead
Abbie Martin
Direct Distribution Lead
Erin Cronin
Direct Distribution Consultant
Shawn Hebert
Warehouse Lead
Kaytlynn Clemons
Quality Control & Shipping Lead
Harrison Lanier
Logistics & Supplies Coordinator
Jacob Fix
Logistics & Supplies Coordinator
Garet Skipper
Assistant Producer
Johnny Codington
Skills Lead (Summer Staff)
Spencer Metcalfe
Skills Lead (Supplies)
Noah Blalock
Force Challenges Team Lead
Marissa Jackson
Communicator Coordinator
Troy Vander Hoek
Band Coordinator
Mary Lindsay Bailey
Talent Management
Sydney Quinlan
Inventory & Props Lead
Erika Pearman
Sarah Grace Mobley
Production Assistant
Mackenzie Cato
SR Camp Weekly Show Ideation & Concepts
Blake Lorow
SR Camp Small Groups | Guys
Marla Hollis
SR Camp Small Groups | Girls
Abigail King
SR Camp Small Groups | Girls

We’re here to help! Contact us with any questions or concerns.


E: staffinfo@winshapecamps.org