WinShape Camps International in Brazil

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A glimpse at WinShape Camps International in Brazil

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A day in the life– a glance at the average camp day in Brazil!



Each day is broken down into two camp sessions-a morning and an afternoon group of campers.



8:00/2:00 – Registration / Turbinando

8:15/2:15 – Dance/ Learn Daily Truth

8:30/2:30 Walk to Large Group “Grupo Grande”

8:35/2:35 Large Group “Grupo Grande”

9:15/3:15 Snack

9:30/3:30 Small Group

9:50/3:50 Skill 1

10:20/4:20 Transition

10:25/4:25 Skill 2

10:55/4:55 Transition

11:00/5:00 Homework/Dismiss