Virtual Experience

Packing List


NOTE: Please remember to abide by the all-Summer Staff and the gender-specific Appearance Guidelines above when packing for camp.

  1. Masks will be provided daily for all Summer Staff in accordance with the COVID-19 safety measures. 
  2. T-Shirts: WinShape will provide you with several different t-shirts that you will be required to wear throughout the week. You will not need to bring many shirts, but you will want to bring some for Staff Training and your weekends. We also suggest bringing a few long sleeved shirts if it gets cold in the evenings.
  3. Athletic Shorts: Bring comfortable finger-tip length shorts to wear during the camp day and on the weekends. Mesh shorts with pockets are recommended.
  4. Camp Culture Clothing: Feel free to bring any fun camp swag that you have! Whether you’ll be on screen or helping behind the camera, it’s always fun to get into Camp culture.
  5. Undergarments + Socks 
  6. Pants: Plan to bring 1-2 pairs of jeans (without rips/tears) and comfortable sweatpants/lounge/pajama pants.
  7. Weekend Clothing: Bring comfortable clothing for weekend adventures on campus and around Rome! Remember though that the WSC Appearance Guidelines still apply (even if you’re off campus).
  8. Jackets: Bring one sweatshirt/hoodie as well as your WSC Rain Jacket. Rain Jackets will not be provided for Returning staff.
  9. Tennis Shoes: Close-toed shoes are required to be worn during the camp day and set-up/tear-down. You may also want to bring hiking boots for off-time and weekends.
  10. Sandals/Nice Shoes: You may bring flip-flops or other shoes to wear on the weekends. Chacos/Tevas/Crocs are suggested but not required.
  11. One Nice Outfit: Please bring at least one nice outfit for the End of Summer Banquet and any other events throughout the summer. Girls typically wear cute, summery dresses or shirts/skirts and guys typically wear a collared shirt and nice khaki shorts or dress pants.
  12. Swimsuit: Modest one-piece swimsuits only. No tankinis allowed.
  13. Towel: Bath towels will be provided but we suggest bringing one larger beach towel for you to use on your off days.
  14. Watch: Be sure to bring a wrist watch. Apple Watches are allowed, but please refrain from texting during camp hours.
  15. Toiletries: Remember to bring your hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, medicine, shampoo/conditioner, etc. If you happen to run out of any items throughout the summer, you’ll be able to go to Walmart on an off-weekend and grab more.
  16. Outdoor/Recreational Items: Sunglasses, hat, hammock, frisbee, disc golf, cards/games, flashlight, etc.
  17. Form I-9 Documents: For any staffer who did not work last summer, please remember to bring your Form I-9 Documents.
  18. Laundry Bag
  19. Cell Phone & Charger 
  20. Personal Musical Instrument: You’re welcome to bring your guitar or other musical instrument if you’re driving to camp. Please note that WSC is not liable if your instrument gets damaged, lost or stolen.
  21. Computer & Headphones: We will provide all the technology that you’ll need for your ON Zoom Small Group calls, so you will not need a personal laptop for that, but you’re welcome to bring your personal computer with you to use for summer classes or leisure during your off-time.  Please note that WSC is not liable if your technology gets damaged, lost or stolen.
  22. Driver’s License and/or Student ID: In order to enter Berry College’s campus, you’ll need to present a photo ID at the guard gate. Please have your ID handy when you arrive on campus.
  23. Backpack

SUMMER LODGING: In order to keep everyone safe and healthy all summer long, all Summer Staff will have their own room at WinShape Retreat in the Girls Camp Villages. All the girls will be in one building and all the guys will be in another.

  • Room Items: 
    • Pillows & Blankets: Linens, pillows and blankets will be provided, but feel free to bring an additional pillow/blanket if you’d like.
    • Decor: You will have your own room all summer long, so feel free to bring small personal items to make it feel more like home: picture frames, string lights, cozy rugs, books, additional hangers, power strip, laundry hamper, etc. Think back to those good freshman dorm room hacks!
    • Toiletries: A blow dryer will be provided in every room, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you’d like.
    • Laundry: You will have access to washers/dryers in the Girls Camp Villages to use throughout the summer. Generic laundry detergent will be provided, but if you have allergies or prefer a specific detergent, please plan to buy and bring your own to camp with you.
    • Snacks: Feel free to bring snacks with you for the first week of camp. You’ll be able to go off campus to the store after Staff Training, so no need to bring too much. The rooms do not have mini fridges. Remember, please do not bring any products that contain nuts. 
    • Coffee Maker: For the coffee-lovers out there, feel free to bring your own coffee maker and favorite insulated mug for your room if you’d like!