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The Formers

Stay connected long after the summer.

Whether you worked for WinShape Camps this past summer, or five summers ago, you're invited to be a part of something special. The Formers is WinShape Camp's Summer Staff alumni program and it exists to keep you in the loop with all that is happening in the WinShape Camps nation. If you have worked at least one summer with WinShape Camps, you are eligible to join! As a WinShape Camps Former, you will receive behind-the-scene updates on changes happening around camp, receive invitations to our Reunions, be notified of our Beyond Summer Opportunities, and more. Join the the group and stay connected to thousands of WinShape Camps Formers all around the world, long after the summer ends.

Stay In the Loop

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program began in 2010 as a way to get our Summer Staff involved with the year-round preparation of camp. Each Camp Ministry uses participants in different ways. Whether you've served one summer or five summers with us, this program is your next step in camp ministry! You may serve as an Intern or an Apprentice at one of our two offices.

Our Winter Event

Spending time with family is the best during the holidays.. and we feel the same way about our WinShape Camps family! Each year we host a Winter Event to provide an opportunity for Summer Staff to intentionally stay connected with their Camp friends. Alternating between Home Office for the Holidays and the Passion dinner, it's guaranteed fun. Click here to see what we're doing this year!

Host Team

Can't join us for a whole summer but still want to get your camp fix? Join us on Host Team! Host Team does the behind the scenes work to make the Staff Training magic happen. From driving shuttles and packing t-shirts, to running cameras and taking pictures, we have a job for you! Click to the link below to see open positions and dates needed!

Formers Podcast

If you ever dream back to the days when you shared endless stories with your favorite camp friends, participated in long-held traditions, or settled into nice chaco tan, the Formers Podcast is for you! Expect hilarious stories of summers past, new and exciting camp updates, and the all-too familiar feeling of home you get from being at camp again!

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After a summer where you've given your time, energy, and heart to ministry, you are bound to have some really great takeaways. How have you grown? What has the Lord taught you through Camp? Have a story you want to share?

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Celebrating Formers 🎉🎉🎉

You're making big moves. Lets celebrate it!

As Formers, we want to celebrate the exciting things happening in your life! Are you graduating college? Getting married? Starting an exciting career? Tell us about it! We want to root you on as you follow the calling the Lord has for your life.

We're rooting for you!

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