Staff Training Week Prep

Start the prep for your BEST SUMMER YET.


All new summer staff — and any returning staff who did not work in 2018 — will need to complete a Form I-9 upon arriving at Staff Training. Please read over this Form I-9 and pay close attention to Page 3 — there you will see the List of Acceptable Documents that you will need to complete this form. Please review this before your first day of work but do not complete it. We will assist you in completing the document upon your arrival. You must bring either one document (from List A), or two documents (one from List B & one from List C) with you to Staff Training. You must bring the physical document(s)—no copies can be accepted—and all documents must be unexpired. For example, you may choose to bring a document from List A, such as an unexpired Passport, or you may choose to bring a List B document, such as a Driver’s License and a List C document, such as a Social Security Card or a Birth Certificate. If you choose to bring a School ID, please note that the ID must have been issued within this school year, otherwise it cannot be accepted. You will complete your Form I-9 as soon as you get to Check-In, so it will be helpful if you have your documents handy upon arrival. We will have the forms printed for you, so there will be no need for you to print them out.

If you do not bring acceptable documents and/or fail to complete the Form I-9, your employment will be terminated, and you will be sent home. If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to ask.

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