Check out these tools to increase your understanding of the vision of camp and tips for how to execute The Recipe each day! Additionally, these resources will include tips and tricks for connecting with campers for all ages and leading them effectively.

You have been called.

Recognizing our gifting is one of the clearest ways in which we can experience the Lord’s calling on our life. Whether you have discovered this in your camp experience yet or not, you have been called to be a key part of transforming the lives campers and families with the message of Jesus Christ.

A way in which we guarantee the execution ofย  how we create transformational experiences is found in our WinShape Camps Recipe. The WinShape Recipe allows us to not only look consistent across all Camps, but it allows us to both recognize the ways in which the details of Camp matter, and evaluate the places in which we have room for growth.

The WinShape Recipe consists of six different “ingredients” and when all are incorporated intentionally, it is a not only the guarantee of an excellent experience, but it is also a way in which you can continue to serve the Lord in both the big and the small things you are entrusted with.


At every level, we want relationships to be built with staff, churches, Chick-fil-A units, campers, families, and anyone who is involved with camp in any way. We want relationships developed, renewed, and to begin at our camps. We believe in building relationships in order to see lives transformed.


We want to make sure we train staff to take care of, and properly utilize, all of the equipment the Lord has blessed us to use during the summer. In practicing equipment stewardship, staff should be able to take pride in how they go above and beyond the standard that they themselves would use when taking care of their own possessions.


Everything we do at camp is designed to be intentionally centered on the message of Jesus Christ. Anything that happens during a Skill time, outside, or in the auditorium, is to be centered on a truth of the day that corresponds to Biblical truth. By this, campers, staff, and families can experience that the Lord is everywhere and can be found in anything.


This is the "Disney effect". When someone steps on a WinShape Camps site, we want them to forget they are at an overnight camp or at a day camp in their community. We want staff, campers, families, and visitors to feel like they have stepped into a story like no other.


This ingredient should be something Staff, campers, and families really rally around as one team. This culture includes decorated cars, painted faces, exciting chants, fun songs, and lasting traditions throughout each Camp. With Camp Culture, campers should feel as though they belong to something bigger than themselves, a place where they can learn how to rely on each other, support one another, and grow as a team.


Camp is FUN! Campers should look forward to participating in all of the fun that happens at WinShape Camps. Staff should be able to have fun in their roles and in turn create spaces that are fun for the campers they are leading!

Evaluating Competency

Through the lens of Camp

This summer, each Summer Staffer will have the opportunity to receive a Performance Review. This simply exists to not only make camp excellent across the board, but also so that Summer Staff can gain professional experience, receive both encouraging and constructive feedback, and overall, grow in their development. When it comes to evaluating competency, your supervisor will be thinking of the following categories.


If you're wanting to grow in your character development, it is worth asking the following questions: