Working on a team is a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work! Check out these tools to learn more about promoting unity and building relationships with those you are serving with.

The Psalmist David really described it best, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1).

It is good when God’s people live in unity. Not only it is a reflection of the way Jesus has, through His death and resurrection, united us with the Father, but it is also a reflection of the miraculous ways in which people can very different from one another, yet united in Christ. Unity and individuality are not mutually exclusive. In fact, knowing and following Jesus makes unity a fundamental part of ministry.

We are told in Scripture that people will be able to recognize Christ in us, by the way we love others (John 13:35).

Although Camp is a place where you are guaranteed to work with people who are different from you, and conflict is nearly unavoidable, we, as those who are intent on the one purpose of Camp (to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ), are called to put aside all selfishness and vanity. Instead, we are commanded to walk in humility as Jesus did, putting aside our own interests, and looking after the interests of others.

Imagine how this would change the game. Picture doing Camp in a community where the church staff and parents are shocked at how well you and your team work together. Imagine being able to have fun at Nite Lifes with your teammates because you were all flexible and positive during moments of hard work. Picture a team where there were was minimal negativity and passive comments because you instead chose to lock arms and believe that your team had your back and you had theirs. When you decide to be in your teammate’s corner, you are not only contributing to the unity of a team, but you are also participating in the propelling of the Gospel.

Evaluating Chemistry

Through the lens of Camp

This summer, each Summer Staffer will have the opportunity to receive a Performance Review. This simply exists to not only make camp excellent across the board, but also so that Summer Staff can gain professional experience, receive both encouraging and constructive feedback, and overall, grow in their development. When it comes to evaluating chemistry, your supervisor will be thinking of the following categories.


If you're wanting to grow in your team chemistry, it is worth asking the following questions:

Your Toolbox

Where you can find tools to help you successfully navigate the challenges of creating and maintaining chemistry on your team.

Crucial Conversations

No one likes having hard conversations, BUT the way you navigate them can make all the difference. This book is a great resource in learning how to grow in your ability to embrace difficult, yet necessary, conversation in the midst of varying emotion and differing opinion in effort to build and maintain chemistry.

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