Check out these tools to help strengthen your ability to model Christ inside and outside of camp, display integrity by following through on commitments, and show respect to those you interact with on a daily basis!

Camp is FUN. Not only is it fun, but camp is also one of the places in which you will be stretched by the Lord, your team, and by the goal at hand. In the midst of teaching a skill, leading your campers, working with other Staff, and spending quality time in your own walk with the Lord, it can be easy to get distracted. It can be easy to focus on all of the challenging parts of camp and lose sight of the ways in which this very journey is developing character in you.

Scripture teaches us that hardship produces endurance. At this point in the summer, your team has faced challenges of its own and no one can attest to what your team has overcome, quite like you. However, because of the challenges, you and your team have fought together to endure the test, for the sake of the goal: the Gospel. Whether you know this or not, it is the enduring, according to Scripture, that produces character.

Let’s unpack that.

Your endurance will be the very thing that not only develops your character, but it is the very thing that will reveal to you hope, and in turn, free you from shame and comfort you with love. As you continue on your journey this summer, our prayer is that you will acknowledge that your character is directly correlated with how you choose to endure the ups and downs of the camp journey. Are you trusting in Jesus as your never-changing foundation? Are you letting that be what enables and encourages you to endure? If so, continue to let Him shape you, mold you, and build your character.

What does it mean to show character this summer?

We know that sometimes it can be really difficult to know how to grow when you don't know what steps need to be taken. Demonstrating character is not only something that is emphasized across all camps, but it is also a fundamental part of demonstrating Christ's love to others. While there is a lot to be said about what strong character looks like, we want to provide you with specific, tangible ways in which you can demonstrate character on your team this summer.

Evaluating Character

Through the lens of Camp

This summer, each Summer Staffer will have the opportunity to receive a Performance Review. This simply exists to not only make camp excellent across the board, but also so that Summer Staff can gain professional experience, receive both encouraging and constructive feedback, and overall, grow in their development.When it comes to evaluating character, your supervisor will be thinking of the following categories.

If you're wanting to grow in your character development, it is worth asking the following questions:

Your Toolbox

Where you can find tools to help you successfully grow in character development and, most importantly, reflect Jesus.

Grow in Character, Grow as a Leader

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