established 1985

The Formers

Where what was meets what is, and what is meets what will be. The Formers is WinShape Camps summer staff alumni program keeping you in the loop with what is happening in the WinShape Camps nation. Once you've worked one summer, you're in! As a WinShape Camps Former, you will receive behind-the-scene updates on changes happening around camp. You'll be connected to thousands of other Formers all around the world. You'll also be invited to exclusive events, some of which are built just for you!

Stay In the Loop

Host Team

Can't join us for a whole summer but still want to get your camp fix? Join us on Host Team! Host Team does the behind the scenes work to make the Staff Training magic happen. From driving shuttles and packing t-shirts, to running cameras and taking pictures, we have a job for you! Click to the link below to see open positions and dates needed!

Staff Training Opening Day

Remember your first Staff Training? The drive down stretch road, the flags, all the excitement (and probably nerves, too). Who better than Formers to help welcome our 2019 Summer Staff. Come enjoy lunch with our team on Wednesday, May 22 and then help us welcome over 900 Summer Staff! We'll give you a t-shirt if you'll throw a smile on and give a high-five.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program began in 2010 as a way to get our Summer Staff involved with the year-round preparation of camp. Each Camp Ministry uses participants in different ways. Whether you've served one summer or five summers with us, this program is your next step in camp ministry! You may serve as an Intern or an Apprentice at one of our three offices.

March Madness

Join us for the WinShape Camps annual Tournament Challenge! Great prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Click the link below to join the WinShape Camps group: WinShape Camps Tournament Challenge. The group name is WinShape Camps and the password is neverchanging19. Pass along to all your camp friends, and let's see who knows college basketball best!  

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