Campus Rep Posters

Add Some Visual Appeal to Your Recruiting

Check out our WinShape Camps Posters as a way to visually engage potential Summer Staff! You can use these as a way to promote WinShape around your campus, or even as a way to make your events feel well put together. Even get creative with the ways you strategically place Specialty Position posters. The Campus Rep world is your oyster.

Engage Potential Summer Staff

Summer Staff Poster

Click here to download our Generic Summer Staff poster! This poster features a variety of titles and can appeal to just about any student.

Check out the boxes below for our Specialty Role posters.

Sound & Lights Whizzes

Recruit for Specialty Production Roles

Music Makers

Recruit for Specialty Musician Roles

Photo Takers & Photo Bombers

Recruit for Specialty Video/Photo Roles

Top-Notch Speakers

Recruit for Specialty Speaking Roles