Camp 2020 Update

The Impact of COVID-19 on Camp

A Message From Our Team

2020 Camp Upate
A Message from our Team

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out more about serving with the new camp experience that is being created?
  • We are exploring some potential opportunities to hire a very small number of Summer Staff this year to help us launch the new camp experience. We are looking for specific skill sets and experience levels, so we will likely reach out to a small number of staff based on those factors.
  • At this time, we would encourage you to seek other opportunities for summer employment, as we cannot guarantee we will have a spot for you.
  • More information will be shared when those employment opportunities are identified.

Will I still be paid for Summer 2020?
Unfortunately, because all of our in-person camps have been cancelled, Summer Staff and Summer Support Staff will not be paid for the summer.

Can you help me find work for the summer?
Please refer to the Summer Employment Opportunities below to see which companies are hiring locally and nationwide.

How do I file for unemployment?

Since you were originally employed in the State of Georgia, you will need to file your unemployment claim through Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) website or in-person at the GDOL Career Center, should you choose to file. We’ve created a helpful overview of Unemployment Benefits and the filing process here. Please note that once you file, you must continue to file Weekly Work Search reports with the GDOL for each week that you are claiming benefits.

What were the deciding factors in canceling camp this summer?

  • There were several factors that played into our decision. The greatest was the safety of our staff, campers, and families, which is our top priority.
  • There was also the added complexity of being an inter-state organization, which required us to consider each state involved when making our decision. Beyond camp locations, we employ Summer Staff who come from many different states – even other countries – to work camp. Varying levels of risk across the states we would have been entering presented even more health and safety factors to take into consideration.
  • We consulted with our in-house medical staff team as well as external medical personnel to help make this decision. Among other health reasons, limited medical and cleaning supply availability that could continue into summer months was a concern.
  • All of these factors, as well as others specific to camp locations, made our ultimate decision the only one that would allow us to do our part in keeping campers, families, and staff safe.

Will there be other avenues for participating or keeping up with what WinShape Camps is doing this summer?
Yes, we will keep you updated via email, on the Summer Staff Hub and through our social media channels. The best account to follow is @wsc_staff on Instagram.

Who can I reach out to with more questions?
We would love to hear from you! You can reach the Staff Development team at staffinfo@winshapecamps.org. Due to an influx of communication, please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

How do I capture this experience on my resume?
Unfortunately, because you did not serve with us for the duration of the camp season, we would ask that you do not put WinShape Camps on your resume for employment in 2020.


Summer 2021 Application Process


Will I be guaranteed a job for Summer 2021? 

We would love for you to serve next summer at camp if you are available to do so! All Summer Staff who were hired to work with us for Summer 2020 will be guaranteed a position for Summer 2021. You will not necessarily be locked in to the exact position you were hired as for Summer 2020 because we want to give you the freedom to apply for new leadership positions and other camp locations that you may be interested in next summer. When the Summer 2021 application is open, we will send you an email with details on how to apply and how to let us know that you’re interested in either your same position or a different position.

What does the Summer 2021 Application process look like? 

We’re in the process of getting our Summer 2021 Application up and ready for the fall! All Summer Staff will still be required to complete an application for Summer 2021 in order to update your clothing sizes, mailing address, camp location/position/skill preferences, etc. Be on the lookout for the application to go live sometime in late July – early August. Follow us on Instagram at wsc_staff to keep up with all of our latest updates regarding important dates for this fall and for Summer 2021. 

Will New Staff hired for Summer 2020 have to complete another interview for Summer 2021? 

Summer 2020 New Staff will not have to complete another interview for Summer 2021. We will provide specific instructions on how to circumvent the interview sign-up portion on the application when the time comes. 

Can Summer 2020 New Staff apply for WinShape Camps International in Summer 2021 without having a summer of camp yet?

Due to the high level of camp experience needed for executing camp internationally, Summer Staffers are required to have worked one summer of camp prior to serving on a WSCI summer team.

What are the potential camp dates for next summer?

While the Summer 2021 camp dates are still to be determined, you can tentatively plan on our traditional Staff Training beginning on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. All further camp dates will be released when the Summer 2021 application goes live. 

Summer Employment Options

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